Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tires and Forks

I picked up the new tires and rebuilt forks from Burlington Cycle on Saturday.  I think I can safely say I love all things Michelin.  These tires are awesome!  I can't believe how aggressive the tread pattern is and yet they are still DOT approved.  While the wheels were there I also had all new bearings pressed into the hubs.  There are three in the rear and two in the front.  Since the parts are only 3.99 a piece I figured get them.  Plus this way the seals are new too.  Burlington Cycle told me you don't need the dust seals anymore as the modern bearing seals are much better than in the past.  I like that because it will be easy to clean the bearings and watch the seals for deteriation when the wheels are mounted on the bike.

New Tires and Fresh Forks
Old Tires                                                                        

 Tread Pattern of Michelin Cross AC 10

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