Sunday, March 21, 2010

Light, Fender, Puller, Stator

So I got a light from a tt175 from the 70s.  I like it, its black plastic so it looks kinda bad ass.  I think I am going to get a black handle bar to compliment it.  I also got a battery and installed it tonight.  Nothing lit up so I don't really want to talk about that.  The battery had a strong 6.2v and when the switch was on I was only measuring 4.2v at the fuse with no current.  I'm thinking the ignition switch is full of rust.  WD get in there.  I bought a brand new front fender for a 2006 YZF250, then with a little drill action managed to mount it to the XT rather nicely.  No alignment issues or anything.  Nice and shiny.  As well I bought a flywheel puller, pulled the flywheel, then took off the stator, cleaned everything and checked the coils.  I'm happy to report all is well in coil land.  I was sweating that a bit as stator asemblys are not cheap.  Here are some pics.

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