Monday, February 22, 2010

Clean Carb Barrel

Just look at it.

Carb Cleaning

This might have been the most stubborn part so far. The carb roundslide was completely glued in with old fuel. It took a few hours of chemicals, hot water and gentle coaxing with a tooth brush handle to free the slide. Then every removable part was removed, cleaned and polished and oiled with synthetic motor oil. The barrel and roundslide now have a mirror finish. I ordered a complete rebuild kit that includes, air screw, needle, both jets, float needle and seat, and all gaskets. Good times. I'm excited for that kit to arrive.

Torn Down Frame

I think this is as far as I am going to take the tear down this year. After I get it clean It will be time to bolt on lots of new shiny parts. I have ordered a swing arm bearing rebuild kit. The steering bearings feel fine. Right now its time to scrub scrub scrub and paint in the rusty spots with some gloss black Tremclad.

Front Shocks

I got the fork tubes out of the triple. The tops of the tubes had some rust pits, I cleaned them off with some 00 steal wool. There are slight pits left behind and I am a bit worried they may wear the new seals out quickly. There was about an ounce of water mixed in the oil of each tube. I drained both of them. I don't think I am going to be able to free the hex bolt at the bottom without a fork tool.

The Bike Arrives!

My Cousin's husband got this 1976 Yamaha XT 500 and asked if I would be interested in getting it running. As if! This is a classic enduro thumper, what a cool project. Its February 2010. That means I have until May to get it ready to take back up North. I think the biggest challenge will be getting all the proper MTO stuff done. I plan on retaining as much of the original finish as possible. Mostly I will be cleaning, chasing threads, lubricating everything, replacing bearings, chain, tires, cables, and any other broken or missing parts. I will paint rusting areas of the frame. For the most part these are areas you can not see. I will rebuild both brakes, all electrics, ignition, suspension, and the carburetor. I am not planning on cracking the head or engine cases at this time. I figure I can set up the valves and get some clean oil through it a couple times and assess from there. Hopefully the clutch plates are not seized. If it burns oil I will rebuild the engine.
It came missing a couple dirt bike classics. Right side panel, airbox, and the headlight w headlight trim. Ebay here I come.