Monday, February 22, 2010

The Bike Arrives!

My Cousin's husband got this 1976 Yamaha XT 500 and asked if I would be interested in getting it running. As if! This is a classic enduro thumper, what a cool project. Its February 2010. That means I have until May to get it ready to take back up North. I think the biggest challenge will be getting all the proper MTO stuff done. I plan on retaining as much of the original finish as possible. Mostly I will be cleaning, chasing threads, lubricating everything, replacing bearings, chain, tires, cables, and any other broken or missing parts. I will paint rusting areas of the frame. For the most part these are areas you can not see. I will rebuild both brakes, all electrics, ignition, suspension, and the carburetor. I am not planning on cracking the head or engine cases at this time. I figure I can set up the valves and get some clean oil through it a couple times and assess from there. Hopefully the clutch plates are not seized. If it burns oil I will rebuild the engine.
It came missing a couple dirt bike classics. Right side panel, airbox, and the headlight w headlight trim. Ebay here I come.

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